• Apply to be a participant, if you have not already

  • Complete all required forms, including the Overview and Medical Forms found through the Info Portal, no later than February 1.

  • If the participant requires someone other than our volunteer buddies to remain with them throughout the day, please remember to complete the required Buddy application for that person and specify that buddy is for that participant only.

  • Submit your talent showcase music as soon as possible through the Info Portal!

  • Things to let the Director know before January 30, 2019:

    • Any special needs other than what is listed on the Overview Form

    • If a parent or guardian needs to help the participant with daily needs (using the restroom, eating, etc.)

  • Complete the Photo Release Form. You will turn in this form at Check-in.

  • Bring 5 cans of food as your entry fee. Please don't forget!

first day of event checklist

  • Bring 5 cans of food as your entry fee. Please don’t forget!

  • Bring pj’s for dance party (if you wish).

  • If you are spending the night at the hotel, bring all your stuff (gown, talent costume, props, any makeup or medicines, snacks, etc.)

  • Bring signed photo release (you can get the photo release form on the on the info portal

  • You can bring snacks, but we will have plenty of snacks provided. Pizza is for dinner and there is gluten free options.

 Day of event CHECKLIST

  • Bring your talent costume (if you're wearing one) and any props needed for your amazing talent routine! Have your talent costume and props clearly marked, so that when you change back into your CMA tee shirt, your things will be easy to locate.

  • Remember your gown, shoes, accessories, any needed medications or toileting supplies. Have your things clearly marked with your name. We have volunteers to help you take your items to the dressing rooms and we want to be sure you have your name on all of your belongings.

  • If you require your own makeup or brushes, bring in a bag clearly marked with your first and last name. Miss Amazing will provide disposable brushes and applicators, to keep everything healthy and sanitary!

  • Bring snacks (only if you have specific dietary needs). We provide dinner with gluten-free options and there is a concession stand at the Pace Center.

  • Bring your smile! It's going to be a great day!