Meet Your Colorado 2017 Queens

The Brand new 2018 queens will be posted soon! Stay tuned!


Avery Lierman

Colorado Preteen


Phoebe kochis

Colorado Teen

Colorado Preteen Avery Lierman is an outgoing 12 year old that loves people.  She is happy, funny, empathetic, honest, respectful, caring and nonjudgmental.   She has an incredible imagination, is able to reenact hundreds of movie dialogs and can hear the quietest whisper.  Avery enjoys making costumes and playing on the Wii and her I-pad.  Her long-term goals are to become a costume designer, a scientist, and an inventor.  As Colorado’s Miss Amazing Preteen, Avery is focused on showing people that disabilities are not a disadvantage.  Avery strongly believes that people with disabilities have additional talents that make them exceptional, unique and beautiful.  In many cases, they just need a little help identifying what their special talents are so they can use them to their advantage.  

Colorado Teen Phoebe Kochis is a gregarious 18 year old who is very active, especially in dance. She takes ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and broadway. She also teaches dance classes to toddlers and preschoolers. In the past, she has been a Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleader, competed in cheerleading nationally, and was a Barbizon model. She's been a swimmer in Special Olympics too. She is a self-advocate who does a lot of public speaking at events and has her own health and wellness coaching business. Phoebe takes her smile wherever she goes and seems to leave many smiling right back!  Two of her platforms besides health and wellness, are anti-bullying and encouraging others to "Reach for the Stars!" She plans to attend culinary school and become a chef one day. She also wants to help Miss Belize, Rebecca Rath promote awareness for the disability community in Belize.


Mariel Yadira Carrillo

Colorado Junior Miss


Savanah Overturf

Colorado Miss


Colorado Junior Miss Mariel Carrillo makes friends easily and is always willing to help others. She loves fashion, makeup, and glamour.  Mariel is currently working with her school district to become an entrepreneur and have her own online boutique. She also loves to dance and takes dance classes. Mariel supports the Global Down Syndrome Association and volunteers with the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show.


Colorado Miss Savanah Overturf is a beautiful young lady, that from the moment she opens her mouth, will take you on a voyage of hope and humanity. Savanah's dream is to change the world - one person at a time. Her dream is to become a teacher and is well on her way. Savanah has had many public speaking engagements, including the Lions Club, Habitat for Humanity, and soon will be active in People First. She loves to spread her message through poetry and hopes to one day encourage more people through Ted Talks.