Meet Your Colorado 2018 Queens

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Lilly Hinsley

Colorado Preteen

Colorado Preteen Lilly Hinsley is an outgoing 11 year-old who loves people and animals.  She is happy, funny, empathetic, honest, respectful, caring and non-judgmental. She has an incredible imagination, loves to choreograph dance moves to music and create musically videos.  Lilly enjoys playing with her dogs, Classy and Lacey and spending time with her cousins and friends. Lilly performs annually with an organization “Magic Moments” and hopes to one day have a solo in the production.  Her long-term goals are to become an actress, a veterinarian or perform search and rescue operations with German Shepherds. As Colorado’s Miss Amazing Preteen, Lilly wants to show others that disabilities are not a disadvantage.  Lilly strongly believes that people with disabilities should never feel like they are different or alone and that you can do anything you put your mind to!


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Bianca Ross

Colorado Junior Teen

The 2018 Colorado Junior Teen Queen is Bianca Ross. Her disability involves a mental health disorder and cognitive delays. Bianca is a tenth grader at Aurora Central High School. Bianca is a very friendly young lady, who spreads sunshine with her smile. She plays guitar and loves to sing. She is good at math and likes to read. She plays most of the Special Olympic sports throughout the year. Bianca's personality has expanded since she joined the Miss Amazing family. Bianca loves to volunteer and help out at the food bank and reach out to her community. 

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Anna stotts

Colorado Teen

Meet the vivacious, confident and amazing Miss Colorado Teen 2018, Anna Stotts. She is empathic,
caring and always willing to help others but don’t let her sweetness fool you…she is more than ready to
be front and center on any stage!
Anna had a rough start in life like many children with Down Syndrome. She struggled with poor muscle
tone, difficulty eating, continuous colds and breathing issues, multiple eye surgeries and required hours
of therapy and special braces to help her walk. Even today, she continues to battle autoimmune issues
but her persistent spirit, incredible work ethic and sunny outlook on life keeps her going. She is
constantly surprising everybody with her witty sense of humor, incredible dance moves and ability to
remember the names of every chef on the Food Network!
She graduated from High School in 2017 and was the first girl with Down Syndrome to ever make the
Varsity Cheer Team at her school. She competes in Special Olympics gymnastics and currently holds the
gold for her division. She cheers for the Colorado Suns Special Needs team and recently completed a 9-
month internship at Children’s Hospital Colorado. In her spare time, she loves listening to music,
watching TV, coloring, exercising, attending community events and keeping in touch with all of her
friends and family.
Her future goals include getting a job in a restaurant, modeling for a fashion magazine, taking more
dance classes, being a supportive role model and self-advocate… and, of course, owning a newer

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Hillary macadam

Colorado Miss

Hillary was born two months premature weighing in at two pounds six ounces on November 7, 1991. She was tiny but healthy and came home in time for Christmas. She began home school at age three, when she began playing educational games on her Mac. She entered the AWANA scripture memory program through church at age four and completed every workbook available by age twelve earning the coveted Timothy Award. Hillary also began ballet, tap and praise dance classes at age four and performed with Belliston Ballet in spring shows, recitals, the Nutcracker and also praise dance performances at nursing homes. Hillary is on the DU Special Olympics ice skating team and formerly was very active in Special Olympics gymnastics, tennis, golf, bowling, and bocce ball when she had the privilege of representing Colorado at nationals in rhythmic gymnastics.

Hillary was Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association's intern for two years and very much enjoyed the staff camaraderie and serving at RMDSA's numerous events. She currently volunteers as a teachers assistant for Truth Christian Academy and also at her church doing filing and office work.

Hillary loves dancing, singing karaoke, bowling, artwork, fishing, drinking tea, learning about nutrition and eating healthy food. She is a spark of light in all the lives she touches with her humor and cheerful disposition.

Cynda Murrow

Colorado Junior Miss

Colorado Junior Miss Cynda Murrow is 23 years old and loves to celebrate!  Her favorite things are planning parties (which includes making cards for all occasions), celebrating any and all occasions in the lives of people that are special to her and keeping traditions alive for every holiday.   She is a real “people person” which really shows in her job as a cashier at Walgreens.  She has a caring and giving heart and looks for ways to help others.  One of the things she has been passionate about is making grocery and retail stores aware of Caroline’s Carts so they are available for caregivers and individuals with disabilities to use to make their shopping trips easier.  One of Cynda’s accomplishments was being placed on the cover of a travel training book after being a “star” at travel training with Via Mobility.  Cynda loves going places and hanging out with her friends! 


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Angie Kassem

Colorado Senior Miss

Angie was born premature and spent 5 months on oxygen in the ICU. Angie had undergone heart & eye surgeries, suffered broken ribs and 2 black eyes - not to mention a traumatic and permanent brain injury & impaired growth hormone function, with no explanation from hospital staff, when she was finally adopted at age 5. Doctors & Specialists alike predicted she'd never speak (age-appropriately) or read. Her parents were advised not to get their hopes up. Fast-forward to the future of a Survivor . . . Angie graduated from HS in 2003 and turned 35 on 6/20/18.  She is quite articulate, an avid reader, and a lover of people & life! Angie flutters about like the Social Butterfly she is… and without a trace of bitterness. Special Olympics is near & dear to Angie's heart. She has been a proud athlete for 15 years! In 2017, Angie was honored to Co-Emcee The Special Olympics Hall of Fame Luncheon, with a prominent Channel 7 News Anchor. Angie's most recent endeavor included winning the title for Colorado Miss Amazing in the Senior Miss Division. Throughout this journey, Angie's self-confidence has soared, her circle of friends has expanded, and the memories are priceless!