Meet Your Colorado 2019 Queens


Kyra Brockberg

Colorado Preteen

My name is Kyra Brockberg. I was born with Muscular Dystrophy. I’m 13 years old. I just finished 7th grade and now I’m going into 8th grade. I am involved with web leaders, firebird ambassadors, a theatre program and I have straight A’s. My goals are to have a lead role in a play and keep my straight A’s. My hobbies are reading Greek Mythology and Disney villains and watching cooking shows. Miss Amazing is a place for shy people to get out of their shell. It inspires them to do great things in their lives. For me, Miss Amazing has helped me build confidence and know I can do anything if I work hard and put my mind to it! 


Melissa Salazar

colorado teen


Aloukika Patro

Colorado Junior Teen

Aloukika is a 13-year-old girl, full of energy and enthusiasm. She feels blessed everyday to have this unique and awesome life. She was born with a congenital disorder, “Caudal Regression Syndrome”. There are many complications due to her spinal deformity and she uses a wheelchair permanently. But, nothing stops her from doing the things she wants to do. Her passion is dancing and being in a wheelchair does not stop her from pursuing her passion. She loves to dance and has her own YouTube channel “Bollywood on Wheels”. 

 She loves acting and acts for Phamaly Theatre Company. She has acted in many award winning shows like “Annie”, “Into the Woods”, and this year she is participating in “The 30th Anniversary Concert of Phamaly”.

She loves to do leadership activities at school and community service. She was an ambassador for “Children Hospital Colorado” in 2017 and helped fundraise for children with special needs. She volunteers for “Youth Advisory Council “at Children’s Hospital Colorado and provides feedback and suggestions on hospital programs and projects and contributes to programs for patients and siblings. Aloukika wants to set an example that with determination and perseverance one can achieve anything in life. She says, “We just have one life; Extract the best out of it and thank God for every beautiful day of your life”.

She advocates for herself daily and proves she can do anything she wants to. Because of her self-advocacy and kind spirit, a few of her teachers and Aloukika have come up with the concept of the K.I.K.A. coin. KIKA comes from her name “ALOU -KIKA”.  K.I.K.A. stands for “Kindness Inspires Kind Acts”, and it is intended to spread the spirit of kindness throughout the halls of her school and our community. These coins will be distributed in the community as a reminder to be kind. Kindness is a free gift we give to others, but the reward in return is rich. 

Despite her disability, Aloukika sets a perfect example of confidence, determination, positivity, self-advocacy, kindness and giving back to the community.


aujaunae Douglas

Colorado Miss

abigail frary

Colorado Junior Miss

Hi, I’m Abigail and I think I lead a pretty “amazing” life. I love to dance! So much so that I am a member of two dance teams: PEAK Stars Dance and Starstruck Special Angels, as well as a member of the Junior Denver Bronco Cheerleaders squad.

My other hobbies are bowling and riding horses. You can also find me modeling for I Live by Joy apparel. I am an ambassador for the Healthy Me Project where I advocate for staying fit and healthy. I work out at 24 hour fitness twice a week, both with a group and an individual mentor. I am a courtesy clerk for Sprouts Farmers Market in Parker two days a week. The other three days I attend Wellspring Community where I get to participate in many different classes like music, zoology, and fitness palooza. I also get to work in the bakery, the Best Buddies café, and create projects at the Artbeat Studio.

I am so proud to represent Colorado as the Junior Miss Miss Amazing Queen.


amanda brooks

Colorado Senior Miss