If you are interested in being a part of the Colorado Miss Amazing Leadership Team, please look at the team position descriptions below and contact us if you think you might be the right person for one of these positions. We are growing and we need true servant/leaders who want to further the mission of Miss Amazing, Inc.  

Contact us at co@missamazing.org


This member works with the state director in recruiting volunteers to fill the many different positions essential to a Miss Amazing event. Some of these positions include ticket collectors, hair and makeup artists, merchandise table workers, registration workers, holding room managers, runners, lunch crew, etc. Director of Staff is responsible for:

  • Networking to find qualified people to fill the more expertise-specific staff positions such as hair and makeup artists.

  • Recruiting and training a trustworthy group of volunteers to help with odds and ends.

  • Data entry of volunteers as their applications come in on spreadsheet.

  • Scheduling volunteers and their positions/roles for the event.

  • Notifying volunteers of other event opportunities.

  • Communicating (email) responsibilities, call-times, dress-code, and other pertinent information to staff members before the event.

  • Managing staff members at the event.

  • Attending 75% or more of team meetings either in person or via phone or FaceTime. 


media director

This person directs all media-related tasks associated with the event, including prior to, and post-event strategies. This position is responsible for:

  • Developing a team to do all photography and video for the organization, including other events like fundraisers and appearances.

  • Providing all photos for social media director and team to use.

  • Promo photos and videos.

  • Arranging photo shoots for program, if applicants apply soon enough.

  • Photo shoot for new queens for promos and fundraising

  • Design program for show***

  • Send press release announcing event dates.

  • Attending 75% or more of team meetings either in person or by phone or FaceTime.

Director of participants

This person works closely with state director and receives applications from all participants and begins their process.

  • Process applications and begin to keep accurate records of them and what we need from them.

  • Keep in contact with and email frequently, starting with introducing oneself and continuing the process with all reminders of paperwork, forms to fill out, music to download for talent, encouraging to do talent, etc.

  • Copying headshots and printing for People’s Choice containers.

  • Work with Director of Buddies for pairing.

  • Work with RHM Coordinator for pairing.

  • Work with show producer, forwarding all pertinent info about participants.

  • Attending 75% or more of team meetings either in person or via phone or FaceTime.


social media director

They are responsible for:

  • Helping with social media, keeping up to date on events and motivating participants and volunteers through social media and other forms of contact.

  • Posting no less than twice per week on 3 platforms. More often closer to our events.

  • Update calendar of events

  • Attending 75% or more of team meetings either in person or via phone or FaceTime. 


events lead

This person is in charge of getting goods for events, such as items for welcome bags, etc. Their responsibilities are:

  • Working with the team and communicating what is needed for all events, especially the pageant itself.

  • Collecting goods from sponsors and other people to put into welcome bags for participants.

  • Collecting items for silent auction and prepare bid sheets and find volunteers to work table.

  • Assembling welcome bags for event

  • Collecting goods for silent auctions.

  • Collecting items for prizes at events.

  • Attending 50% or more of team meetings either in person or by phone or FaceTime.

director of fundraising

This position could potentially be broken down into smaller committee, so feel free to build a team. The Director of Fundraising is responsible for:

  • Working with the state director in determining which fundraisers will be most successful considering the area and with respect to any advantageous connections.

  • Planning and promoting and executing fundraisers

  • Recruiting community sponsors.

  • Assisting the state director in getting donations from suppliers of tee shirts, awards, banners and signs, gift bag items, gifts for judges, etc.

  • Recruiting Miss Amazing Ambassadors to fundraise for the state chapter.

  • Helping with the budget and finance.

  • Attending 75% or more  of team meetings either in person or via phone or FaceTime. 


local marketing directors (4+)

We need one on the West Slope, one in the southern/Pueblo part of the state, one in the Boulder area, one in Fort Collins/northern area, and one in Colorado Springs

  • Promoting event to potential participants and assisting them with application procedures.

  • Raising awareness of Colorado Miss Amazing

  • Recruiting Ambassadors

director of marketing/communications

This position is designed for someone who is a natural at advertising and marketing. This member would have great connections with the community and area businesses, especially those who are involved with the disability community. Some of this person’s duties are:

  • Lining up appearances for the queens at local events

  • Scheduling radio and tv interviews for the State Director and possibly queens

  • Attending 50% or more of team meetings either in person or via phone or FaceTime.

talent coordinator

The Talent Coordinator works closely with the Producer.  They are responsible for:

  • Making sure all the talent is lined up, prepared, and the music is cut and uploaded and put into a flash drive for the production team. This particular job is usually two months long, but can be very busy toward the time of the event.

  • Working with A/V to make sure music is in order, etc. for the talent show.

  • Conduct talent rehearsal; Make sure all acts are only 90 minutes long.

If any of these positions interest you and you have a heart for miss amazing, please contact our state director at co@missamazing.org. We'd love to have you on our team!!!