Miss Amazing offers exciting opportunities for girls and women 5 and older to explore their potential and enhance their strengths.

We are offering an EARLY REGISTRATION BONUS!! Register before January 14, 2018 and you will receive a FREE personal photo shoot with brian Johnson photo, and two FREE skills workshops with the show's producer to prepare for your day in the spotlight!

The cost for registration is 5 cans of food that our new Queens will be delivering at a local food bank as one of their service projects.

Free photo shoots are set up after registration. We will contact you with date of the photo shoot. Free skills workshops are set for January 28 and February 11 from 1:00-3:00. These are optional, but will help you with skills such as interviews, introductions and walking the runway on stage!!!  This opportunity is only open to those who register early - BEFORE January 14!!!!!  

Registration Closes February 11!!!!

Rising Star

Jr. Miss



Jr. Teen

Sr. Miss


Shooting Star

Preteen-Sr. Miss Divisions

Participants ages 10-35 participate in all activities offered at a Miss Amazing event, including ice-breaker activities, the one-on-one interview, personal introduction, presentation in evening wear, and optional Talent Showcase. All participants are awarded for their efforts and one participant from each age division is chosen to represent her age group and state as a Miss Amazing Queen at National Miss Amazing

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Rising Stars

The Rising Star division is for girls ages 5 to 9 who want an introductory experience to Miss Amazing. Their journey begins later in the afternoon before the Final Show. They will be able to have dinner and get their hair and makeup done. Before the final show, they will be instructed by a staff member on how to walk on stage in their evening wear and also practice optional talent. During the show, each Rising Star will enjoy a moment in the spotlight to share the many things that make her an amazing girl with a bright and promising future. Finally, the Rising Stars will be awarded for their accomplishments with a crown and trophy! 

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Shooting Stars

The Shooting Star division offers women ages 35 and older an opportunity for life-long personal growth and an ever-expanding network of friends. Shooting Stars will be able to participate in all skill areas, but they will not be judged or scored. This way, Shooting Stars can continue developing their interview and public speaking skills throughout their lifetime. All Shooting Stars will be awarded for their accomplishments with a crown and trophy.

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