What a Pageant Can Do - Part Four

So, throughout this little story of mine, it's been about what the Miss Amazing Pageant can do for a young girl or woman - the confidence building, the opportunity to make your voice heard, and all the wonderful friends you make in an inclusive and supportive environment. But what I haven't mentioned yet, is what a pageant can do for a mom, especially a mom who wanted nothing to do with pageants. Remember the beginning of the story??

Since the first time my daughter wore her crown at the very first Colorado pageant, I made a friend. There was an immediate bond that I felt with this other mom. Her daughter had won in another age division and she came over to me afterward and offered to send me all the photos that she had taken, so I gave her my email and phone number. In a few weeks, she emailed me all the photos she took, along with some videos as well. What a blessing! Because the photographer that had volunteered to take photos at the event never followed through. Thank goodness for this new friend!!

Photo courtesy of Brian Johnson Photography

Photo courtesy of Brian Johnson Photography

I could tell we were going to be friends. Then as time went on and we started fundraising to get to Chicago, I became friends with the other moms as well. We all had something in common. None of us had this experience before, and we all wanted to see our daughters have the chance to go to Chicago for the Nationals.

As we were fundraising and getting out there and speaking to people about what we were doing, I was meeting all kinds of new people and many like-minded people were crossing paths with ours. We were meeting people who truly cared about the 'other abilities' community. I made more friends!

As we got closer to the time to go to Chicago, I joined a Miss Amazing class of 2017 Facebook page and got to know more and more of the participants and parents through the page. We started posting and 'liking' each others' posts. I felt like I already knew some of them before we even got to Chicago.

Like I said before, when we got to Chicago and stood in line at registration, we all became family very quickly, taking group photos and exchanging information. As the days of the pageant went on, I just began 'connecting' with various moms and we are still friends to this day. I even miss them now that the pageant is long over and we are back home in Colorado. We stay in touch, continually supporting one another and each other's daughters in their accomplishments and day-to-day adventures. I've changed. Hopefully for the better. I have a different view of pageants. I have a different view of the world. I don't feel so alone in this journey with a developmentally disabled daughter. I have sisters. She has sisters. One big happy family.


I highly recommend Miss Amazing and its programs. To see what a difference it has made in the participants' lives is just incredible.  To witness the confidence and self-esteem instilled in my daughter is truly remarkable. She has a bunch of new sisters. So do I.  To see what it has done for our life is priceless.